Eponymous albums

I had some ideas for titles for the album but they all seemed pretty lame.

Then we thought that you don’t really have to name a debut album. Look at Santana, Paul Weller, Gorillaz, Neu! etc. …but then your first album becomes known as the ‘first album’ – it might be what you do when you can’t think of a title (passing it off as a tradition for debut albums).

Maybe we can do better… err…

Then our drummer said, “Why not pick a name from one of the tracks…” I thought… “Good idea.”

Full tracks preview and Album Release

Full tracks are available for streaming on the website now.

Anyone who’s waiting for the album to be released…. it shouldn’t be too long now – I know, really!!

We are just finalising the track order and sorting out a myriad of things with the label. I’ll post something in a week or two with more information.

We are currently planning a digital and CD release with the brand new label, Air Street.