Blue Budgie (Feat. Ju Ju)

You can hear the first new Brynovsky tune for a few years right now. It is actually a work of words by the uniquely psychedelic poet Ju Ju, set to music in Brynovsky style.

Ju Ju performed Blue Budgie as an unaccompanied spoken-word piece at a festival in a tiny venue and Tim was bowled over by the story it told. Some illustrious artists and personalities who were also present, in low-key fashion, were also stunned by its brilliance. It is a true story, so real that it’s surreal, in fact, Tim and Ju Ju often call it a ‘real surreal’ poem. Thinking about it, most of Ju Ju’s work, yet to be published, is also ‘Real Surreal’. Put that in your blog and post it.

A-n-y-w-a-y, Brynovsky and Ju Ju liked the resulting track so much that they decided to make a video reflecting the ambiguous moral of the tale which could go something along the lines of: when you’re hitching and somebody stops, it don’t mean you’re gonna get a lift. “But where does the budgie come in?” I hear you grumble. Well, you’ll have to listen to the track or watch the delightfully DIY lyric video representation of it that we made.

Blue Budgie (Feat. Ju Ju) is a standalone track which doesn’t appear on our upcoming LP, Future Weather. But we didn’t want it to get left behind and, in our hubris, thought the world might be a very slightly better place if people were able to hear it. You can download on a ‘pay what you like’ basis from Bandcamp, watch the video on YouTube or listen on Soundcloud.

Buy/Listen on Bandcamp | Watch on YouTube | Listen on Soundcloud

New Album – Future Weather

There’s a new Brynovsky LP lined up and ready to go for later this year. Future Weather refers to the belief that in the future, for reasons that are still disputed by some propagandists, the weather might not be brilliant. We have kids on the way up so we actually give a shit.

The album has 11 songs including one called Future Weather. The other 10 songs have different names and we thought that some of them sounded fairly okay so they’ve been included. You’ll be able to hear it all this November.

It has been a long time in coming because Brynovsky have been trying to make up their minds what to do with all the music they have been making over the past five years. Mr Trump and a couple of other people knocked them off-kilter with their bad vibes, spreading out in all directions, but they have now righted themselves.

Future Weather (the album), contains a thread of thought-provoking themes – reflecting the mood across the globe – from billionaires to bad bosses, smart-phone addiction to ignorant bliss, stupidity to the abhorrent Right, state violence to climate change. When all seems lost, the final track, Blank Page, brings some much-needed hope, a chirpy tune which does something to lighten the load.

If you can spare 38 minutes, have a listen (when future weather permits).