Eskdalemuir and Beefheart

We were in a surreal snowy zone high on the moors between Lockerbie and Eskdalemuir when Luke told Adam and me that Don Van Vliet was dead. That was a poignant moment, we were on a crazy mission to play a gig in one of the remotest parts of the UK while the rest of the country was falling apart in weather chaos. The gig went really well.

We all love Captain Beefheart’s music. This one’s interesting…

Reggae at Eskdalemuir

Saturday 18th December, 2010, 7.00pm
Eskdalemuir Village Hall

If you can get there, we’ll be there along with Samson Sounds and DJs. It’ll be warm inside!
This is our first proper gig so could be interesting – it’s a benefit gig for Tibet charity Rokpa.
Bring your own drinks. Fancy dress alert!