Single Release – Ain’t Gonna Work

We’re pleased to announce our new single will be released soon, on October 2nd. Ain’t Gonna Work takes a look at what it feels like to be stuck in a shit job with no respite on the horizon. Maybe most of us have been there.

It is the opening track from our forthcoming album, Future Weather, which is set for release on November 6th.

Ain’t Gonna Work is a defiant, rolling, driving acoustic strum which gets some help along the way from some pretty nifty Latin style percussion and a fuzz guitar. The artwork for the cover is a still from the video.  We found and edited some striking footage from the 1930s Russian film, Enthusiasm, by Vertov. You’ll be able to find that on our YouTube channel.

We are delighted to present it to your ears on all digital platforms and will be also available to download from our Bandcamp page from 2.10.20.