Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and how Donna became Idana

Back in November 2012, during the ‘Time is Now’ vocal sessions, we all went to see Lee Perry in Glasgow. It was a brilliant gig, the man was really on form and the backing band were excellent too with Leroy’s pals, Napoleon on bass, and Sinclair on drums. They played for well over 2 hours.

After the show, our vocalist Donna met LSP. She told him she was a singer working with Leroy and asked for an autograph. When she told him her name he said, “No, you’re not Donna, you should be Idana now.” He even drew her new name out very carefully on a piece of paper (see the picture above).

The next day, she looked at the piece of paper and called me up. “So are you Idana then?” I asked. “Yes, I like it” she said, and she decided to keep the name. So that’s how Donna became Idana.



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